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About company «ADVANS TOUR»

Travel company "advance Tour" offers a selection of holidays for all tastes. The team of the travel Agency – the young and active managers, customized to your journey was not just a trip to another country with a safe pair of three attractions, and a real adventure – an unforgettable, bright and bold. Do you think if all this is possible in Belarus? The specialists of the Agency "advance Tour" are convinced it is, therefore, the main emphasis is on the development of domestic tourism.

Tours in Belarus is a great opportunity to discover the most hidden corners of the country, to learn more about the history, ancient castles and cathedrals, enjoy the beauty and richness of nature not only in summer but also in winter. In Belarus there is a variety of entertainment suitable for all budgets trips to the pearls of the country, such as Mir or Nesvizh castles, sightseeing tours in major cities and the small but world-famous villages, visits to ski resorts, nature reserves, ecotourism. For those wishing to focus on their own health for travelers, professionals of the tourist company "advance Tour" will visit the sanatorium of Belarus, where you will be able to get proper treatment and recovery. Motels are often located near a forest or lake, so in addition you will enjoy the peace, tranquility and marvelous scenery.

In addition to the rest in Belarus, a travel Agency, "advanced Tour" organizes also other interesting travel: tours to Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and other warm countries. You can also book a bus tour company will help you to book tickets, visa to any of the selected countries. Also if you are in search for a suitable tour on the website of tourist company "advance Tour" has comprehensive information on most of the most popular countries for recreation, the so-called subtleties of tourism in the country: traditions, climate, features resorts and much more. This will allow you as a tourist to learn more about the upcoming trip and make the right choice.

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