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Лещинского 14А-301 | Беларусь, Минск

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About company «Aphrodite Tour»

Hello, dear friends! My name is Alexander. I am your friend in the World of Travel. Part-time Director of "Aphrodite Tour".

We offer tours of any complexity and on almost any budget. From economy to luxury.

In Minsk have been working for 5 years. Of the 19 in professional tourism. Personally traveled to countries such as: Turkey, Egypt, UAE, Cyprus, Thailand, Vietnam, China, India, Poland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. Happy to help you find the rest that you need.
LLC "Eradicator"

1) How came the idea to open a travel Agency?
a. This is what I do best. Professional in tourism since 2000. Have higher education faculty "Economics and management at enterprises of tourism and hospitality management"
2) what age are traveling?
a. The first flight was in the belly of the mother. The second month of age. The first journey of the conscious and abroad in 2000-m to year. 21.
3) Which countries visited:
a. Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, China, Turkey, Egypt (was working), Viet Nam (studied), India (3 months traveled in the country), UAE, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Sri Lanka...
4) What do you like most in your profession?
a. Reviews of tourists who are happy with the chosen holiday!
5) Education
a. higher education faculty "Economics and management at enterprises of tourism and hospitality management"
6) About yourself. (age, family)
a. People. I think that first and foremost have to be a Man! Money is not important, a the material world does not carry off. And emotions I'll try. ))
b. 40. Married. Have a son. His wife works in our travel Agency. When the son grows up, I will try to offer him. View.
The Republic of Belarus, 220140, Minsk, St. Leszczynski., 14A, office 301
+375 (33) 378 40 00, +375 (29) 606 10 77
e-mail: haladog@ya.ru skype: afro-dita-tour

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