PUE "Avastar"

Работаем: пн-пт: 10.00-19.00; сб: 11.00-15.00
пр. Дзержинского 69/к2 | Беларусь, Минск

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About company «PUE "Avastar"»

Transport-tourist company "Avastar" has been successfully working on the Belarusian market since 2007. Our company offers to rent comfortable buses of Euro class for excursions and trips abroad. Each bus is equipped with a current conditioner, a coffee maker and a DVD player. There is a separate area with a microphone for the guide.

We work with individuals and with travel agencies and organizations. So, our menu of travel presented by: tour Europe, tour Europe, vacation on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro; tour of Belarus; shopping tour to Poland (Bialystok) and Lithuania (Vilnius); bus tour to Turkey (Kusadasi); air tours for the major tourist destinations (Bulgaria, Turkey, Montenegro, Egypt); weekend day; Your individual bus tour.

Our main goal for 2015. arrange a comfortable bus tour on the Aegean coast, with the rest in Kusadasi and shopping in Istanbul.

We will be glad to see You among our clients. For regular customers there are discounts. "Avastar" is your reliable companion! Our goal is to make Your travel comfortable and enjoyable!

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