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Работаем: пн-пт: 9.00-18.00; сб: 10.00-16.00
ул. Саксаганского, 9-а, оф 2, 01033, Киев, Украина | Украина, Киев

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About company «Deniz travel»

The idea to create a company that would help people to see the world, discover new cultures and customs, to accumulate good experiences from travelling, have for a long time.

The word "deniz" in Turkish language means sea. The goal of our company to bring You a lot of impressions, joy and new emotions.

The founder of "Deniz travel" Marina Viktorovna, an expert on the areas Turkey and the UAE, gathered a team of professionals and enlisted the support of trusted tour operators of Ukraine.

To each client we have a special approach depending on his preferences and possibilities.

Good vacation gives us a boost of energy and memories that will last a lifetime. Travel is a kind of a certain drug that gives us happy hormones from each successful exercise. Our goal is to make Your trip as comfortable and meets all Your requirements.

Your trust in us is an incentive to be better, Your smile is the best reward.

Our motto is "Deniz travel – we are not Agency, we are your friends!" And we look forward to long term friendship!

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