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About company «Geography»


The specialization of our travel Agency is selling lastminute tours.
You have the opportunity to purchase vouchers for the best resorts in the world with discount up to 55% off! On the pages of the website the customers are available a quick selection of the tour and online self-booking tours.

Daily in the catalogue of the travel Agency Geography appears to 600 new offers from the best tour operators! Data is regularly updated, so you will get relevant information about the presence of burning permits, tours and cruises. Sightseeing and shopping tours in Europe, vacation on the world's ski resorts, exotic island resorts – discover new destinations and purchase vouchers for half price!

On the website of “Geography ” you will be able to quickly compare prices, learn the latest information about special promotions and discounts. Our round-the-clock online service for tourists allows monitoring of offers from different firms. Take advantage of our services to choose the most convenient and comfortable way to travel, spending a minimum of time.

The desire to see the world quite natural and understandable. On the other hand, in conditions of economic crisis very few people can afford to spend on travel a huge amount. A compromise solution in this case will become hot deals.

Hot or burning are called vouchers, which are acquired several days before departure. By purchasing this tour, you will pay 30-50% less, but resting in the same conditions as your hotel neighbors who bought tickets in advance at full price. The benefit is obvious, and subject to certain recommendations you can significantly save on holiday without loss in comfort. Be aware that when the waiver of the burning permit refund is NOT provided. Before buying you should make sure that you will be able to afford a vacation in the planned period.

Another factor that you should pay attention to the presence of a valid visa. This applies to European resorts and the States, where there is a visa control for tourists from our country. At observance of all formalities, you will be able to enjoy an economical vacation without misunderstandings.

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