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Travel company "World in your pocket" - a diversified travel Agency that focuses on the individual approach to each client. We will choose the holiday that best suits your needs. We value our customers and are always ready to find the best prices and interesting deals and comfortable flights.

The company offers air tours for a wide range of areas. Our staff is competent to advise You about the features of rest in each country, give advice on excursions and interesting to the public. Several times a year, the specialists visited the hotels we offer to provide You only fresh and actual information.

We also offer organization of wedding ceremonies abroad (formal and symbolic): Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Malta, Croatia, France, Portugal, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Bali, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Thailand, Jamaica, Mexico, USA. Our experts are happy to recommend a suitable option for such an important life of every human event. For couples already signed the family unit, we will be happy to offer suggestions of romantic vacation, tours for newlyweds, ceremony renewal of vows.

We work with the leading operators on the organization of tours to the countries of the European Union, cruises in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Baltic seas.
For business people we can offer short tours on the weekends. It is well known that good rest helps fruitful work.

For those who don't like the standard routes, we are pleased to help in organization of individual tours, the development of routes for travel by private car. We book hotels around the world, pick up tickets, help with visa issues. You just need to tell us your plans and we will prepare everything for Your bright journey.

The company slogan - "Your vacation is our job." We have a cozy, homely atmosphere in the office, attentive staff and delicious coffee. We want your holiday started from the moment you contact us. We want you to love travel, we love them. We do not sell tours and experiences and emotions that are priceless.

We will help you to realize Your ideas: swim in all the seas, to completely cover up your fridge magnets, anniversary become a passenger on the flight to our beloved country, to rank the discos of the world to assemble a collection of Slippers from hotels all over the world, and just less work and more rest. Come to us, we will tell you where to start on the path to his dream.

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