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About company «OOO "Paradisetravel"»

Turning to the services of the Agency, any person has one goal: at a convenient time to be at the beach, the Museum, in the hotel where he was going.

The company "Paradise travel" understands desire, and are therefore willing to offer a full range of tourism services for clients with any level of wealth. The site presents everything that can help the tourists to quickly determine the choice: early booking tours, leisure tours to popular and not very country, articles and helpful information, reviews and photos from trips. Will pleasantly surprise customers and pricing policy. The proposed site leisure tours is an unforgettable rest on very favorable terms.

Early booking — ensure that the selected location will not break because of the workload of the airlines or the lack of space in the hotel. If you book a tour in winter, the client not only guarantee themselves a "place in the sun" in his chosen period, but also be able to save money holiday budget.

Travel company "Paradise travel" is cruises, tours, ski resorts, beach holidays, gastronomic tours and other themed — anything that will make the world closer to you.

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