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Работаем: пн-пт: 9.00-18.00; сб: 10.00-16.00
ул.Ольшевского,28 | Беларусь, Минск

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About company «OOO "Podemos"»

"Podemos" — Belarusian tour operator, successfully operating on the tourist market since 1993. For such a long time, the Agency has developed and refined many programs, debugged relations with foreign and Belarusian partners. Simultaneously, the company is always open to new ideas, countries and directions. At the moment, "Podemos" is a leading tour operator to such destinations as Bulgaria, Ukraine, Crimea, Poland, Lithuania and Belarus.
And for You any time of the year: Greece, Montenegro, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Cyprus, Thailand, UAE, GOA, Tunisia, Vietnam,
Sri Lanka and tours and weekend tours in Belarus and Europe..

We offer:
- Bus and air tours
- Children's and youth recreation
- Vacation at sea
- Ski holidays
- Tours
- Individual and group tours
Thematic and event tours
Tours in the format of "elegant comfort"
- Treatment and SPA
- Pilgrimage tours
- A full complex of services on reception and service of foreign tourists in Belarus.

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