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About company «Time Voyage»

We, travel company "Time Voyage" (until recently, "Tucson Voyage"), working on the tourist services market of Belarus since 1992. During this time we became the representative of the popular chain stores Burning Permits, an authorized agent of International air transport Association IATA (booking and sale of tickets of the leading airlines in the world), a member of the Republican Union of Tourist organizations and the authorized agent of the largest tour operator "TEZ TOUR".

Main directions of activity of the company:
-arranging individual and group tours:
to the resorts of the Mediterranean sea (Sunny Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia);
on resorts of the Black sea (Georgia, Bulgaria);
exotic destinations (Maldives, Seychelles, Canary Islands, Caribbean, Cuba, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Mexico);
- the organization of leisure yachts and sea cruises,
- tours of Europe,
- the organization of leisure in ski resorts (Andorra, Austria, Georgia)
- health and Wellness tourism (Czech Republic (Karlovy vary), Slovakia (Bardejov Font)).-event tourism (sports and cultural mass events)
Operator directions "Time Voyage".
We offer only tried it yourself and found it worthy of attention!
Montenegro is an amazing country on the Adriatic sea. We traveled its length and breadth, and will gladly tell you where (hotel or apartment) and how (actively or not) should rest in Montenegro.
- Andorra is a small country with great potential for a comfortable ski holiday and a Paradise for shopping. Help with visas, and show you where to find what can make You happy.
- Italy is a country of magnificent beaches, interesting sites and, of course, fashion. We can offer You all individually, and can arrange a tour that will allow You to enjoy all the charms of this country immediately.
- Greece is a country of ancient history and culture with beautiful nature and excellent service, where each of its Islands is legendary. We will find You a tour that will open Your heart to this amazing country.
- Georgia – a country of ancient temples, wine and hospitality. On the manicured beaches of Batumi, You will rest the body on the tours will get a lot of interesting knowledge, and a respectful attention to leave only positive impressions in Your soul.
We believe that fun you can rest in his native country.
You only need to apply in the "Time Voyage", and we will arrange a tour to any corner of Russia (individual or group).
We will help you choose the best boarding house, resort or a comfortable Agriturismo.And we organize conferences and seminars, both in country and abroad, corporate tourism, a full accompaniment of foreigners in Belarus.

If You want to travel, "savage", we will reserve You tickets to anywhere in the world. You will just have to come get them in "Time Voyage".
Only we have the special fares of all airlines represented in the country, as well as economical flights Low Cost Company.

Even we can buy the best gift for their loved ones — journey to anywhere in the world. You come to us in "Time Voyage", choose a tour, pay, and receive a special gift certificate.
Regular customers are always welcome bonuses and loyalty programs.
Our partners: Russian key, TEZ TOUR, R-TOURS.

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