Center Burning Travel "Dobrolet"

Работаем: пн-пт: 11.00-19.00; сб: 13.00-17.00
220100, Минск, ул. Кульман 3-219 | Беларусь, Минск

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About company «Center Burning Travel "Dobrolet"»

DOBROLET - travel company that specializiruetsya on providing quality leisure tourists.
We have everything from early booking till last minute tours.

We cooperate with many proven operators in all directions, which allows us to compare prices and to offer the best leisure options in the combination of price and quality!

We offer a wide range of services: air tours, bus tours, ski holidays, private tours, tickets.

As we work with the transfer company, which makes the stay even more enjoyable. We love every client!

And regular customers guarantee permanent discounts !

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