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About company «Travel company "Germaine"»

When work or study is no longer happy, and the mood was lost, when we want change, bright emotions and adventures, but You don't know where to find them — travel! Yes, the journey! Because it is a new experience, Dating, feelings, amazing pictures, surprises and gifts! Remember what country You wanted to go, but always putting off the trip?

Remembered, learned, burned? Then call now to travel company "Germaine". All organizational issues we will resolve for You! And You will have a rest soul!

For 17 years we give our customers joy, pleasure, and open a second wind! The diversity of services, reliability, professionalism and high quality service are the main priorities of the company.

Our experienced professionals carefully develop travel itineraries. They are familiar with all the features of the tourist life. Find and open the most interesting. Happy to listen to the wishes of customers.

Youth tourism is one of our main areas of work. We offer only proven and interesting trip! This is a wonderful tour of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden. Safe, fun and warm holiday by the sea in Bulgaria, Ukraine with experienced teachers.

Tourist firm "Germaine" working with Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine. But this is not the entire list of possible destinations. You have to open all European States. You can also visit more exotic countries: Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Thailand, UAE, Tunisia, Sri Lanka.

Voyage I love almost everything! And we are happy to provide You with the best resorts in Europe, Asia and Africa for a holiday by the sea. We invite you to plunge into the warmth and hospitality of the sea Romania, Ukraine, Crimea, Lithuania and Poland are our main directions. You can also go on an unforgettable sea cruise ferry on the Baltic sea, Riga, Stockholm and Vilnius.

Very popular are excursions to Belarus. Over 30 entertaining and educational programs we offer. Also organize trips to other European countries. You will get acquainted with the culture of Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Finland, Romania, Slovakia and many other States.

Tourist firm "Germaine" invites all wishing to relax in the winter. This Christmas and new year adventures in fabulous places. Ski tours in Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria with departure or departure from Minsk.

Your vacation still a ways off? But I want to relax, to go bargain hunting? Easy and simple! After all, we arrange the best weekend tours and shopping tours.

Visit our website WWW.GERMAIDA.BY.Вы learn about all the best tours and services, you will find "burning" a trip or choose a tour according to your wishes. Also You can order the call online. And You will be contacted at any time convenient for You!

We do everything to make You feel comfortable and convenient with us. Assist in preparation of necessary documents and obtaining a visa, booking tickets, hotels, tours.

Tourist firm "Germaine" opens new frontiers travel, improving Your rest. After all, it is important for us not to stand still and move forward with confidence. We are always happy to see You among our guests and will do everything possible to have You chosen our company in the future!

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