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About company «Torturesru»

Bus, plane, ferry ... Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, America... a Decent transport and hotels, sharp program, high-quality tours and care of the attendant. We can do tours.

Love our customers, and it's mutual! The company "Turtrans Voyage" at the end of the 2014-2015 season (12th time) became the winner of the independent award "Star" in the nomination "the Best tourist company activities: bus tours". This is confirmed by statistics regular customers get used to good. To drivers with a smile feed the bags to the hotels superior to a tight schedule of tours. Guides of "Turtrans" — perhaps the most thoughtful guides in the world! Art critics and historians, many of them have lived or studied in Europe. Always with You, to tell secrets of the Madrid court. To suggest ideas for free time. To solve domestic issues. Always by my side from the first minute journey to the last "soon"... We are experiencing for every tourist, read all the reviews after the tour and do everything that the tour has turned into a dream vacation.

Opening in September 2014, the office in Minsk – tour operator "Turtrans" – more than 450 routes tour operator is now available on the Belarusian market. We developed and open for tourists, new routes, to meet the demand as the most avid and novice travelers.

Our advantages:

Comfortable buses. All our buses are tourist buses have air conditioning, coffee maker and ample screens for watching movies on the move. All seats recline and the bus is certainly comfortable to travel. Almost half of all flights are arranged on modern Mercedes buses. We carefully monitor the convenience of tourists, and we know all about each bus, how and why it was broken, whether there were complaints as drivers often washed the window... the Aim of such control is to respond proactively, preventing breakages and complaints. Our tourist should receive the best guides, transport, service. Drivers are happy to help unload the suitcases and guided in the nooks and crannies of Europe better than home – we carefully select each crew to serve tourists and fearlessly break up in case of complaints. Courtesy, experience, professionalism – these parameters we apply to each participant in the creation of a dream holiday, from the assistant Manager to the driver.

Select and book a place in the bus. When booking your tour in our office, the Agency of Your city or alone in our booking system, You choose and fix your seat on the bus.

Pick up a couple for accommodation. Usually we find a companion, and everyone is happy. If the companion is not found, we propose a variant, suited to every single room for half its real price. Tourists secretly hoping for such an outcome, but this is rare – usually we find a couple and save Your money. You they are still useful – additional excursions or on a seasonal sale.

Headphones for tours. With modern and high quality headphone system You will be heard perfectly every word of the guide. Listening to a tour, You can take pictures and review sights, not afraid to miss something. Tours with the most rich excursion program headphone system along the entire route is included in the tour price.

Maps and guidebooks. We design and print your cards for cities and guidebooks for directions. In the library card for 213 cities included in our programs to You it was convenient to navigate and easy to find tourist sites, the location of the bus Parking, cleaning stations and souvenir shops.

Wide range of tours. The original complex routes. Once the catalog of the tour operator (issued 2 times a year) our customers find many new tours and ideas. Our tourists are becoming more sophisticated, and we try to keep up, developing thematic tours to major events in Europe. Best European carnivals, the Festival of young wine "Beaujolais Nouveau", a Light show in Chartres, the Celebration of "Silvering" in Kutna Hora, the Five-petal rose Festival in český Krumlov, the fireworks Competition in Monaco, the Parade of ships in Amsterdam, the Historical regatta in Venice, the Festival of lights in Berlin, an Opera concert at the arena di Verona Opera festival on lake Constance... see the shroud of Turin? or be in the center of great events – the battle of Waterloo – Europe's largest historical reconstruction? – Please! We put emphasis on quality and do interesting tours. While we strive to make tours available. Find hotels on the system "Fortuna" budget and seaside apartments.

Expanding the range of programs with air travel for a comfortable stay. A number of tour programs with air travel rose to 190.

Approaching Christmas and New year holidays. Many groups already formed, the best guides put the soul into more stories, hotels checked all the pillows, and buses passed inspection. News from the "untrodden paths" will carefully examine your favorite country, visit ethnic villages and towns, to see life and taste the real national cuisine. Our routes lead visitors in the Arctic of Norway and Morocco, Portugal and Georgia, the Balkans and the UK and many other countries. More than 70 tours for 2017 with holidays on the sea the site is already available for booking. Declare the season open. Welcome! Tour operator "Turtrans" – gain their trust in each round!

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