Resort of the week: Mexico, Cancun. Discounts on tours. News of the resort.

Event "Maxito: individual discounts on tours to Mexico." The action takes place on 31.10.2019. The action involves a full package tours with departure from Russia with 18.10.2019 for 31.03.2020.

Cancun is among the five best resorts in the world and is one of the most important centers of international tourism. In addition to the azure waves lapping the white-sand beach, Cancun offers a wide range of entertainment and many attractions.

One of the favorite places of Laguna nichupté. Her landscapes can be admired with pleasure yachts during sunset and the outdoor terraces of restaurants. Dream lovers of history – the Mayan ruins of El Rey.

For fans of outdoor activities available, Golf course, bike rental and different water sports. And lovers of secular entertainment will appreciate the bright, truly Caribbean night life are restaurants, bars, discos, Nightclubs, casinos that stay open until dawn.

In Cancun, will open a new amusement Park Xavage. It will offer visitors a concept of "leisure all day". In an area of 40 hectares will accommodate extreme entertainment and rides, trails for SUVs and artificial channels for kayaking and other water activities, zip line, rope Park, artificial hill with fast river for rafting. In addition, the Park Xavage will work a variety of restaurants and eateries. The opening of the Park scheduled for Dec.

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