"Tour of Chernigov" the duration of the tour day 1 Departure from Gomel: every Saturday at 06:00

Tour of Chernigov
the cost: 18 Bel.RUB. person

The price includes:
Bus fare tourist class

1. Personal expenses
2. Insurance (optional)

Required travel documents for the citizens of Belarus:
1. Passport.
2. Children under 18 years of age, need a passport and notarized permission to travel from both parents. Accompanying adult required for children under 18 years!
Rest Tury.by!

06:00 - departure from Gomel, collecting in the pocket at the intersection of International and Frunze str.
The passage of the Belarusian and Ukrainian customs.
09:00 -11:00 visit to the base "Schorsa".
11:00 -14:00 visit of the market "Niva". The area of the market is divided into streets (sector), named after the regional centers of Ukraine and Belarus.
14:00 -17:00 visit to the Central market.
17:00 - visit to shopping Mall "Hollywood". The link to the site: http://hollywood.cn.ua/
The largest shopping center of Chernigov, which was opened in 2016, the Impressive size and number of stores (over 200). There are also several cinemas, numerous cafes and restaurants, children's amusement Park.
18:00 - departure to Gomel.
21:00 - arrival to Gomel, landing the group in the pocket at the intersection of International street and Frunze street.

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