Shop tour in Vilnius every Friday from Minsk !!! Cost 35 rubles!

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We offer you a fascinating journey for shopping in Vilnius!One day you will visit the huge shopping center "Akropolis", visit the Ozas shopping Mall and the new store of the world famous manufacturer of furniture "IKEA", which will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of total shopping and entertainment!
Only for our tourists in the DUTY FREE 5% discount, THERE is ALSO the OPPORTUNITY to CELEBRATE TAX FREE

The tour program

Check-out on Friday, at approximately 21:00-22:00, d/s Friendly (back side of railway Station) and metro station Pushkinskaya, Sports, kuntsevshchina, Stone hill.


05:30 – 09:00* — arrival in Vilnius, a visit to the market, "Haruni" (Gariūnų g.68)
09:20 – arrive at shopping centre "OZAS" (Ozog. 18)
09:20 – 13:20* — arrival at the trading-entertaining centre "AKROPOLIS", "MAXIMA"
13:20 – departure to the shopping center "OZAS" (Ozog. 18)
13:30 – 15:30* — arrive at the shopping center "IKEA" (household goods) (Žirnių g. 56)
15:30 – departure to Minsk
20:00 – 23:00* — arrival to Minsk
*** On the way back tourists just landed on the stone slide on d/s Friendly

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