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1. The Vietnamese New year there is no fixed date. The number of the celebration depends on the lunar calendar Tet

2. The average life expectancy of Vietnamese – 69 years for men, 74 years for women

3. Instead of calls of the students in the schools of Vietnam lessons convenes Gong.

4. Vietnamese NGO Dinh Nhu (Ngo Dinh Nhu) is the most elegant and graceful woman of the 20th century. In the 50 years she was first lady of Vietnam.

5. Vietnam has its own national sport of Takraw (Takraw). Roughly speaking, it's volleyball with legs. For the sport in Vietnam regularly hosts Championships. Also takraw played in Laos, Thailand, Burma and Cambodia.

6. The United States recognized Vietnam as an independent country only in 1995 year

7. Popular women's national costume in Vietnam is called AO Dai

8. More than 20 million Vietnamese to travel using bikes

9. In 2008, the year Vietnam held a beauty contest Miss universe, which won the Dayana Mendoza from Venezuela.

10. Vietnam is the second largest supplier of rice in the world.

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