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33 waterfalls

Russia  Russia

33 waterfalls

Place description

Resting in Lazarevskoye, you must visit in the valley called "33 waterfalls". It is unique in its beauty and origin place is located near the village of Great Kichmay, 30 kilometers from the resort. The waterfalls (and they do 33) formed from the Creek Dzhegosh and fall for each other in stone gorge. To see this spectacle with my own eyes, tourists come here from around Sochi.

For the convenience of visitors from both sides of the falls is paved stairs and made the observation deck. But as organised trips include, as a rule, the inspection is not more than ten waterfalls, and stairs for tourists are not everywhere. To meet the rest of the water "fraternity" can be yourself, the walk will not take a lot of time and effort. On the contrary, slowly walking through century-old boxwood forest (in the valley of the "33 waterfalls" grow unique and is listed in the Red book of trees and plants), represent that he was in a fairy world — so beautiful!

By the way, the highest waterfall, which reaches 10 meters, located at the bottom of the valley "33 waterfalls". Here, tourists are often offered to taste local wine. But to make it better after the tour, because in a drunken condition to climb a mountain and sometimes slippery trail not safe.


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