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Athens is not only Acropolis and stuffy museums. Amazing city keeps its hidden treasures: hidden from prying eyes taverns, historic wine cellar and the place where you can see the city from unexpected angles, and makes you fall in love with Greece even more!
On the Northern slope of the Acropolis in its original form a cosy and very old area of Athens. According to one version, the quarter came thanks to the fluent builders from the island of Anafi. It displaced Anafiotika owes its name and architecture. Small whitewashed houses and steep stairs will not leave anyone indifferent! Doors, handles, shutters as works of art — no two are alike! Winding narrow streets filled with flower pots, which look out local cats. You will be surprised that the usual leisurely walk can bring so much excitement!
Plaka is very old, and perhaps the most famous district of Athens. It is always filled with tourists who crowd around the souvenir shops. But as often happens in such places, it is necessary to turn from the main street and find an amazing place. If trips to museums you will not delight, find their secret place. For example, a tavern "Diogenis" near the Piazza Lysicrates or the restaurant "Psarrou" (street Erotokritou, 16). Both offer classic Greek food. Deserves attention and the "Old tavern Stamatopoulos" street Lissiou, 26. She works in 1882 and gained fame among locals, and tourists. On the terrace you can enjoy a tasty home-cooked food and live traditional music. What kind of tavern would you choose?
The filopappos hill is not as popular as Lycavitos, but the view from his Athens certainly not worse. But the main advantage — here are a few of the people. People love to come to the Park on the hill to do yoga or just relax in the shade. There is no hustle and bustle — only the contemplation of beauty. No wonder the second name of the place — the Hill of the Muses! Among olive trees and pines, you can find three statues of famous rulers: king Antiochus of Philopappou, his son, namesake and grandson of Seleucus Nikator.
And, you can walk to the shops in the coastal area of Glyfada or the center of Athens at the favorite shopping street of Ermou. World-famous companies, introduced their stores here: H&M, Moytzi, Pandora, Lynne, Folli-Follie, Funky Buddha, American Eagle, Tezenis...

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