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The Atlantic road

Norway  Norway

The Atlantic road

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The Atlantic road (Atlantic Road) is a plot of the two-lane highway original construction in Norway, in the governorate of As-og-County of møre og Romsdal.

Is a component of the 36-kilometre long national tourist route No. 64 (Budget of Korog) and connects the small Islands in the Atlantic ocean between towns Molde and Kristiansund (from the first to the highway 47 km, the second — 30 km). The entry is paid.

She has the titles of "Building of the century Norway 2005" and "Best tourist country road" version of the newspaper The Guardian from 2006.

The construction of the Atlantic road began in August 1983 and was completed in July 1989, when it was opened for traffic.

For of 8.27 km of the highway passes through the seven bridges with a total length of 891 meters. The tallest bridge, Storseisundet raised above the water to a height of 23 meters specially for the opportunity of the passage under it of vessels. At a certain angle of view, the bridge, popularly nicknamed "drunk", like a roller coaster ride, which snap directly into the sky.

View of the mountains of Molde is a 222 snowy mountain tops.

For travelers on the road are four glazed panoramic viewing platform with Parking for cars and tourist information boards. From them you can take pictures, observe the beautiful surroundings (sometimes in the water you can even see whales) and fish equipped with walkways.

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