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Proud, narcissistic, explosive, full of geniuses and mediocrities, birth and love, boring and tired... it's all about Barcelona — one of the most beautiful cities not only in Europe but around the world. When people ask, what's missing from the capital, 9 of the 10 answer — the sea! So, Barcelona — Moscow with the sea, this furious energy was Given, freaky architecture of Gaudi, the stunning outfits of the LGBT community, active movement of Bicycle traffic, awesome parties and endless sangria. It would be madness to start to list in the introduction to the Catalan capital at least part of its attractions: they are meet here at every step, the ancient Roman port of history, each stone is ready to tell his legend, and all the modern monuments worthy of at least a hymn or ode. In short, Barcelona is a city of art. Come here gray, boring, tired and empty, leaving the city of love with such a charge of creative energy, sun, strength and good mood that the guards at the airport cautious squint. The lights of Barcelona will long stay with you, illuminating a cozy Russian PM Mediterranean flair.

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