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To the anniversary of stay of Abdulhamid II on the throne. Directly the clock was donated by German Emperor Wilhelm II (ruled 1888 - 1918). The design of the tower is designed in the style of the Ottoman Empire. At the base of the tower are four fountains.

From 1983 to 1989 on the Turkish banknotes face value of 500 lire depicted clock Tower surrounded by palm trees.

It seems that in Izmir all look to the clock Tower... near her and meet. Mysterious building the Tower is at the center of Konak square. Ideally located close to the Konak Camii mosque. On the square is always full of pigeons, and people resting on the benches, you can feed them right out of their hands. The numerous tourists have the opportunity to do here is simply unique photography. Especially fabulous clock Tower looks at night when it is illuminated with colored lamps.

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