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Place description

Beach Bondi beach – perhaps the most popular beach of Sydney, located in the eponymous suburb, 7 km to the East of the Central business district. The word "Bondi" is an aboriginal origin, and according to one version, means "water breaking on rocks".

In 1851, Edward Smith Hall and Francis O'brien purchased in the town of Bondy 200 acres of land, which included nearly the whole beach. Between 1855 and 1877 years, O'brien was bought out of the Hall his share and turned the beach and the adjacent territory in a place where anyone could have a picnic or have fun. As the popularity of the place grew, O'brien is increasingly thought about how to restrict public access to the beach. However, the case involved the City Council, and in June 1882 the Bondi beach beach officially became public.

Throughout most of the 20th century, the area of Bondi beach was the place of residence of the working class. After the Second World war reached here, Jewish immigrants from Poland, Russia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Germany.

Today mile beach to Bondi beach all year round attracts tourists from all over the world. In 2004, the Rescue Service of Australia awarded him several categories on a scale of risk from 4 in the Northern part of the beach until 7 in the South because of the dangerous rip currents at the shore. The southern part is open only to surfers. Safe swimming areas are marked in yellow and red flags.

In the summer months in the waters around Bondi beach, sharks – tourists should be especially careful. Sometimes passing by whales and dolphins, and not far from the shore you can sometimes see small penguins. Along the beach there are numerous cafes, restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops. Here is the Bondi Pavilion cultural centre with theatre, galleries, art Studio, etc. throughout the year it organizes various events.

In 2008, beach to Bondi beach was included in the National Heritage list of Australia.