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From the Norwegian fjords to the Islands of Italy, some towns and places have an indescribable charm that captivates tourists and beckons them to linger longer.

Along with the attractions of entertainment, these cities have real character , sense of place and a sense of irresistibility . One such city is Esslingen, landmark, Germany.

One of the many cities of the South-saudagaran, Esslingen takes the position of a large shopping center located at the intersection of two bridges over the river Neckar , making it an obvious point of intersection for medieval merchants .

More than 200 wooden houses from the 13th to the 16th centuries are located in the Old town of Esslingen , with its pretty canals surrounding the market square . They create a magical atmosphere during the Christmas Yarmarok Germany , where about 200 vendors, dressed in medieval costumes, gather to sell authentic crafts from the middle ages : pewter , blown glass , wool, wrought iron, carved wood, genuine leather. Vendors sell amid the entertainment of minstrels and jugglers .

This city is worth to visit it at any time of the year , even just walking along its narrow streets , admire historic churches and sample its many shops .

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