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One of the main historical places in the world , Israel, often associated simply with a place of pilgrimage. In the end, this is the place where occurred the major events for the Jewish , Muslim and Christian faiths. But for tourists, which is not a pilgrimage, as there are many different attractions .

The dead sea is a natural wonder where you can never drown . The natural beauty of the highlands of Galilee – a real godsend for those who love Hiking, studying nature . Galilee is beautiful at any time of the year for all travel, be it cultural or religious program, tour or resort vacation, travel with a backpack or car ride.

Relax, nature and mineral springs
Perhaps the best proof of the popularity of Galilee is the fact that her love to visit Israel, seeking to escape to nature from the city. They travel to scenic parts of the Galilee during the weekends and even spend your annual leave. As it is now all over the world, the Israelis are staying in campsites, picnics on the coast of the sea of Galilee, visit the numerous nature reserves to watch birds in the marshes of the Hula valley, or take a dip in pools of Gan Hashlosha Ha, where spring waters with a constant temperature of 28C rise from the depths of the earth and you can splash around all year round; exploring the origins of the Jordan river and enjoy all the water sports on the lake Genisaretskogo.

Great pleasure to bring the natural hot springs of Hamat Gader, near the Roman baths. Luxuriate and heal "on the waters" the audience flock to the hot springs of Tiberias, where natural keys via man-made channels flowing in comfortable pools, is designed not only for a pleasant stay, but for a variety of medical procedures. In the Galilee, offers excursions by jeep or on horseback, along with Biking and rock climbing. Those who travel with backpacks or on foot, get a lot of impressions, wandering through the protected trails and admiring the ever-changing landscape, and kayaking and rafting on the turbulent rapids of the Jordan river is a real adventure.

Devyatikilometrovy section of the river was appreciated by international experts in 9 points on a 10-point scale of difficulty. These entertainments accessible in Galilee, who come here in terms of cultural or religious programs, on a business trip or just holiday.

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