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Hot spring source in the Iron port.

Ukraine  Ukraine

Hot spring source in the Iron port.

Place description

Hot spring, known as the healing geyser Fin, located near the S. Fin, about 15 km from the Iron Port. Open to the public in the summer of 2005. Geyser thermal water formed during the drilling of well No. 6 with a depth of 1527 m during geological exploration of natural gas. Now the source is equipped with three swimming pools, two with hot water and one with mud. The water in the source of brown color from dissolved iodine, very salty, not inferior to the water from the Dead sea. The temperature of the geyser - about 70 degrees year round. Next to a bathhouse equipped with changing cabins and a room where you can enjoy a massage. Reviews of visitors, swimming in hot springs and mud treatment is a great help in the treatment of joints. The procedure is not recommended for most two or three times a week.

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