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Belukha Mountain, Altay

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Belukha Mountain, Altay

Place description

Belukha mountain is represented by two vertices in the form of irregular pyramids — pointed from the North East (4509 m) and West Belukha (4435 m) almost vertically incident on the North to the Akkem glacier and gradually declining to the South, in the direction of the Katun glacier.

Fall between vertices, called "the Saddle of Belukha" (4000 m) also ends abruptly in the North to the Akkem glacier (the so-called Akkem wall) and more sloping down to the South to the river Katun.
Belukha is the symbol of the Altai, TRANS-border facility on the border of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. It is the highest mountain in Altai and Siberia (4506 m), its slopes covered with eternal snows and glaciers.

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