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Place description

Hyde Park (eng. Hyde Park) is a large urban Park in Sydney.

The history of the Park leads from 13 October 1810, when the Governor of New South Wales Lachlan Macquarie ordered to take the area for "rest and recreation area for residents of the city and exercises for the troops", later named after London's Hyde Park.[1]

Hyde Park is located on an area of 16 hectares to the East of the Sydney business district to the South coast to Port Jackson. The Park has a rectangular shape, in the Northern part somewhat rounded. From the West the area is bordered by Elizabeth street, to the South Liverpool street from East College street to the North, St James road and Prince albert road. Approximately two equal parts, North and South, divides the Park street Park street.[2] Near the boundaries of the Park are located the Supreme court of New South Wales, St. James Church, Sydney hospital, St. Mary's Cathedral and the Downing Centre.

The Park consists of gardens, it grows 580 trees, mostly Ficus microcarpa Banyan and palm trees.[3] the Park is crossed by paths. On its territory there are several monuments in the Northern part of the Archibald fountain built in 1932.