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Jvari Monastery

Georgia  Georgia

Jvari Monastery

Place description

Jvari monastery Church, immortalized in literature by Mikhail Lermontov (poem "Mtsyri"), the oldest religious monument built at the beginning of Georgian Christianity in the sixth century (585 - 604.). Its name Jvari (Georgian "cross") the temple was not accidental. It explains the ancient legend that in this place Nino has put the Holy cross, which marked the adoption of Christianity by Georgia. Later over the cross was built a temple called the Temple of the Holy cross. It is noteworthy that in the first place was built Church Small Jvari (preserved in the ruins of the main temple), and then was erected a Large Jvari to preserve the relics of the Holy cross. According to the ancient records until the middle of the VI century, the cross was opened, was visible from afar and was an object of worship.

The Sights Of Mtskheta - Djvari

"The columns of the brought down gate, the towers, and the Church arch..." - that saw Dzhvari Lermontov. Today, everyone in Jvari remained the same as during the visit of Russian classic poet. The brought down stone walls with arch entrance and the temple itself is majestic and strict. Its austere beauty is expressed in ideal proportions hall and dome, clean the strict and straight lines, the smoothness of the external walls that do not carry any superfluous decorative elements, except for the reliefs on the facades. Externally, the temple is a large octagonal drum, covered with six-sided cupola topped with a cross. With the two sides of the temple adjacent to the four corner of the room.

Equally harmonious and interior space Jvari: clean, sound and complete classics enchants with its perfection. Inside the Church is decorated with mosaics, which have survived only in fragments. In the center of the temple one can see the Foundation in which was enshrined the Holy cross brought by St. Nino of Cappadocia.

The sights of Mtskheta - Garejvari is the edge of a high rock and is in wonderful harmony with the surrounding the severe but extremely picturesque nature of this region. Down at the foot of the noisy Kura and Aragvi rivers – two of the most famous rivers in Georgia. Right across lies the extensive panorama of Mtskheta. On the windy slopes near Jvari grows the tree of Wishes, to which pilgrims tie ribbons, making wishes.

In 1996, the men's Jvari monastery resumed its activities.


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