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The Cathedral in Bamberg

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The Cathedral in Bamberg

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Bamberg Cathedral is one of the most impressive medieval buildings in Germany. A mixture of Gothic and Romanesque style of the tower of this Cathedral unique.

As you know, the city of Bamberg was founded in the early eleventh century, the Holy Roman Emperor Henry. And the construction of Bamberg Cathedral – the heart of the medieval city - began in 1004, and ended eight years later. Consecration of the Cathedral on 12 may 1012 years turned into a huge affair, attended by the Emperor Henry II., thirty-six bishops, and a crowd of ordinary people. The Bamberg Cathedral of St. Peter and St. George quickly became known throughout Europe for its monumentality and marvellous paintings decorating its interior.

Modern Bamberg Cathedral has little in common with a building constructed in the year 1012, the current Cathedral was built two hundred years later. The first Cathedral burned down in the fire of 1081. The new Cathedral in Bamberg was built in the same place in 1111. The construction of the new Cathedral was carried out under the leadership of Bishop Otto. Was built the Cathedral, the beauty is not inferior to the previous one, but it suffered the same fate. It was badly damaged during the second fire in 1185. But Bamberg Cathedral, of course, restored, and now we can plunge into the world of the middle ages went in.

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