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Kavarna is a town on the Black sea coast, 64 km from Varna. The picturesque Kavarna Bay, fertile land and rich resources attracted in antiquity. The Thracians founded the first settlement. In the V century BC the Greeks defeated on the plateau of Cape Chirakman, colony Buffalo. It lasted until the end of the first half of I century BC, when a strong earthquake the protruding portion of the Peninsula along with part of the city collapsed and sank to the bottom of the sea. The Romans rebuild the city, and in the VIII century the Slavic and Bulgarian tribes come naturally protected on the Cape and create a settlement in the famous Karvuna. The current name of the city is first mentioned in the early fifteenth century. During the Ottoman rule of Kavarna was completely destroyed. In the XVII century, the inhabitants rebuilt it again.
In the city there are remains of buildings of Roman times, which are side by side with medieval churches and buildings. Nowadays Kavarna is a modern city, the centre of a large agricultural-industrial area with advanced engineering, farming, viticulture, grain production.
The resort of Kavarna is beautiful sandy beaches and quiet coves, and beautiful scenery of trees lined with beautiful villas, hotels and restaurants. The city blends wonderfully pastoral one - and two-storey houses with beautiful courtyards and style of the new architecture, quiet narrow streets with wide boulevards, traces of the past with symbols of the modern world.
Here is an opportunity to enjoy hunting and fishing – nearby permitted for this place. The area is rich in mineral springs and curative mud.
Are being built near Kavarna Golf course. Soon to be constructed Marina.
In recent years Kavarna called "Summer rock capital of Bulgaria": at the city stadium held not only football matches, but also serves a large number of well-known rock bands from around the world.
Near the Marina and in the center of the city there are several big restaurants offering seafood dishes and traditional Bulgarian cuisine. In small restaurants you can try local dishes as well as pizza and spaghetti. Prices in the city are moderate and the products in stores – cheap. From local producers to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.
16 km North-East of Kavarna is home to the historic Cape Kaliakra.

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