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The Carpathians with their nature, mineral springs and the friendly hospitable people is one of the jewels in a necklace of precious stones of Ukraine.

Underground waters that have a temperature above twenty degrees, are called heat. Seeping through the layers of different species, they are enriched, absorbing all the mineral and biological substances. Any thermal source useful, but if it is still present and active microelements, such as iodine, calcium, bromine, magnesium, tungsten and many others, that, when used properly, it has the strongest medicinal properties. Their healing effects were known during the Roman Empire. Today, Transcarpathia has to offer are three terminal treatment of water and one of them is the thermal waters in Kosino.

Indications for treatment in the thermal waters in Kosino
Component composition of thermal waters in Kosino unique. Such selection of active components can no longer be found not only throughout Ukraine, but also in Europe. Similar properties has only one water source – a well-known sanatorium of Hungary "Hajduszoboszlo".

According to its characteristics, the thermal waters in Kosino is referred to the chloride-sodium springs with a medium degree of mineralization. Healing water inherent yellow-brown tint, and temperature indicator at the outlet of the well is estimated 38 – 40 OC. Although the actual temperature at the point of selection is 60 - 80 OS.

Medical indications for treatment in the thermal waters in Kosino:

Disease, the subject of which is the defeat of the musculoskeletal system and the effects of fractures and injuries of bones and muscles.
Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
Some pathology associated with the human nervous system.
Pathology of the skin.
Mineralized water Cosine perfectly removes from the kidneys of salt.
Contraindications to treatment in the thermal waters in Kosino
Contraindications to treatment in the thermal waters in Kosino minor, but they are still there. They include those health deviations, which are not recommended sodium chloride baths. And this:

Autonomic polyneuropathy.
Chronic renal failure stages II-III.
Thrombophlebitis in the initial stage.
Inflammatory and infectious diseases in the period of exacerbation.
The heavy defeat of the heart.
Skin diseases are fungal in nature.
Predisposition to bleeding.
The thermal waters in Kosino in the winter

No matter what time of year it is now, whether it is winter or summer, on the territory of the health complex Kosino everything organized for tourists so that the treatments and entertainment anyone can get year-round. The thermal waters in Kosino in the winter are also available to visitors, as in any other time of the year.

The thermal waters in Kosino is represented by four Aqua pools:

A large thermal pool
He works year-round, including in winter. The temperature that is maintained in it, is 39 – 41 OS. The pool is small the transition is connected with the "Royal hall" sanatorium, where you can relax, stretch and gently warm up.

Here, if necessary, You can measure blood pressure. Without going outside, you can safely get into the break room for a massage from a specialist, in the shower room and even small shops in the complex.

Small thermal pool, open only in summer. The temperature is maintained at about 41 OS.

Freshwater pool with "Aqua - bar"
Temperature in the range of 30 OS. The pool is open and only works in the warm period. But here You can not only improve your health, swim, and relax, listening to good music. Guests can enjoy delicious Hungarian cuisine and try a variety of drinks.

Children's pool
It only works in the summer. Its depth is small (about two feet) and allows kids to feel comfortable in it.

The complex thermal waters in Kosino there is a great Playground for kids, which can be used at any time of the year. There is a site for barbecues. Hot juicy kebabs with pleasure will be enjoyed in the winter.

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