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Costa Brava

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Costa Brava

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Costa Brava, translated from Spanish means "wild coast" or "rocky coast" is a stretch of Mediterranean coast, located in the Northern part of Spain. . Costa Brava is located at 160 km South from the French border to Blanes. 40 km to the South is Barcelona. This beach is protected from the North winds by the mountain range and consists of pebble and sandy-pebble beaches. Earlier here lived the fishermen and farmers, winemakers, but now this coastline has become a major tourist center.
Near the quiet bays adjoin the forest cliffs. The beach season here starts in June and ends in October. The main resorts in this part of the coast are considered to be Lloret de Mar, Blanes, Tossa de Mar and Figueres.

Lloret de Mar
Lloret de Mar - tourist capital of Costa Brava, located in a picturesque place an hour away from Barcelona. There are so many historical and cultural centers.

Blanes is on the Costa Brava. This small, charming town famous for Europe's best Botanical gardens. Also here, every week offers the largest on the Costa Brava, the seafood market.

Tossa de Mar
Tossa de Mar - the most picturesque resort on the Costa Brava, where around the rocky shore, stands a perfectly preserved medieval walled city, walking through which you can not only to witness the majestic fortifications, but also to admire the shoreless sea.

Figueres is a small city located some way from the coast, famous for Europe's only Museum-theatre of Salvador Dali, ranked second in Spain in terms of attendance after the Prado Museum in Madrid.

Gerona is the capital of the Catalan province of the same name, which arose on the site of the ancient city of the Romans and became in the middle ages an important strategic center. Among the variety of historical monuments and monuments is first of all necessary to mention the Cathedral and the old Jewish quarter.
Cathedral of Gerona is the most beautiful monument of Baroque architecture in Catalonia. Its nave (width 23 m, height - 35 m.) - the widest in the world. Very beautiful altar with a silver taltarni way of the XIV century.

Montserrat - Benedictine monastery, built in the XI century on top of a mountain with the same name, even from a distance attracts attention with its bizarre forms of relief. There are about eighty monks belonging to the order of Benedict, who cares for the sanctuary for almost a thousand years.
The beauty of the Montserrat mountain, the multiplicity of its rocky peaks served as a source of inspiration for many artists, musicians and poets, attracted travelers, pilgrims and climbers. For believers, the mountain of Montserrat is first and foremost a Holy place, it is an opportunity to be closer to God.
The main treasure of the monastery - a wooden figure in the Romanesque style, depicting the Holy Mary of Montserrat (located in the Basilica, above the main altar). Here come the thousands of residents of Catalonia and other believers to worship "Moreneta" - so affectionately called by the Catalans, the patroness of their country.

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