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Costa del Maresme

Spain  Spain

Costa del Maresme

Place description

Costa del Maresme (Costa del Maresme Spanish) — part of the coast of the Balearic sea to the South of the Costa Brava. Situated in Catalonia province Barcelona Comarca Maresme. Is a long, narrow coastal strip with sandy beaches, protected from the North winds by the coastal mountain range.

Costa del Maresme has traditionally been a place of fishing and peasant villages, whose inhabitants engaged in the cultivation of grapes. The main part of the fishing industry is based in Arenys de Mar, which is the first fishing port on the Costa del Maresme. Since the mid XX century on the shore began to appear the summer residence of the wealthy residents of Barcelona, as well as several hotels. Since the mid 80-ies of XX century in the framework of the development of tourism in Spain invested heavily in the construction and reconstruction of the seaside towns of the Costa del Maresme. This has led to the transformation of the Costa del Maresme in major resort and tourist center.

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