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Costa Blanca

Spain  Spain

Costa Blanca

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Costa Dorada (Costa Dorada) - the area of the Mediterranean coast, whose name translates as "Golden coast". This name, this amazing place was named for the Golden color of the sand on local beaches, it sparkles in the sun like gold placers. Costa Blanca is one of the most remarkable places in the country Every year it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists with its extraordinary scenery, mild climate, fresh sea air, unique nature reserves and ancient monuments, a rich local history. Do not leave indifferent and ultra-modern entertainment centres.
Costa Dorada is located on the Mediterranean coast and stretches from Barcelona to Tarragona. Due to the unique geographical features and the mild Mediterranean climate, this place has become a true Paradise for lovers of active holidays. There are all conditions for practicing water sports such as surfing and Windsurfing are also on the Costa Dorada there are a large number of tennis courts, fields, Golf courses, riding clubs. Fans of fishing will also find the opportunity to do my hobby. In addition to sports, the hotel Costa Dorada is an ideal centre for family holidays thanks to the warm shallow sea and a variety of entertainment centers.

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