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The ancient capital of Poland. On a popular legend related to the Foundation of Krakow, see Wawel castle. Scientists see in this legend an echo of antiquity; some, based on philological approaches include the formation of it to the era when Slavic tribes existed in nerasbavlennom. Ideally located on the place where the Vistula becomes navigable, Krakow quickly grew and grew rich. In the year 1000 Boleslaw the Brave was founded in Krakow, the Episcopal chair. In the specific era in Krakow settled many Germans. He felt his value and hoping for the support of the princes of Silesia, Krakow the Germans in 1311 the city rebelled against king Wladyslaw the Elbow, but was subdued and punished by a deprivation of benefits and privileges, and Vladislav established in the city of his residence.

From the XIV century begins the gradual rise of Krakow. Wladyslaw I the Elbow makes this city his residence (instead of Gniezno) and in 1319 the city was crowned here. Casimir the Great beautified the city with new buildings and protects the development of crafts and trade. 14 Feb 1386 in Krakow took place the baptism of Jagiello and his marriage with Jadwiga. In the era of primary importance Jagiellonian Krakow finally takes root; the city gets richer, the number of its inhabitants increases to 100 thousand With 1610 the residence of the kings transferred to Warsaw, but the Polish kings continued to be crowned in kraków. Frequent attacks of enemies gradually undermined the well-being of the city; in 1787 Krakow consisted of 9.5 per thousand inhabitants.

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