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We invite you to relax in the charming landscaped resort village of Kranevo is one of the leading Bulgarian resorts. Tours in Kranevo has always been popular due to the excellent long beaches with Golden sand and a winning low prices on packages, and for goods in the country.
Despite the fact that Bulgaria is one of the most economical in terms of the rest of the countries, tours in Kranevo from Minsk remain in the top of our tourists in the first place due to the fact that in addition to the Blue flag beaches, there are plenty of restaurants and discos, beautiful cities and friendly people, and beautiful nature and healthy air.
Children's rest
In addition to the coastal resort, Bulgaria is famous for its children's and youth health camps. Trips to Kranevo in the summer for children always fly instantly. This popularity is caused by exciting budget vacation, but less marked qualities. One of the most famous youth centres and so called "Kranevo".
In addition to standard public transport, spending vacation in Kranevo, you will see something unusual – a small train of 5-6 cars that runs through the resort, bringing tourists back and forth.
Clean beaches with Golden sand and gently sloping entrance to the Black sea there are formidable cliffs and the mighty centuries-old forest. Here is how the private beaches, which traditionally belong to the hotels and fully outfitted and the many urban and "wild" beaches, where tranquility everyone will be able to find a secluded area.
As Kranevo is a small town and quite young, special attractions, in addition to natural. However, the village is very convenient to go on trips to other cities. For example, in Varna.

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