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resort Zatoka

Ukraine  Ukraine

resort Zatoka

Place description

Resort Zatoka is an amazing, unique place of Ukraine. Is a sandy spit with a length of over 20 km, washed by the salty waters of the Black sea freshwater Dniester and bitter-salt Shabolatskogo estuaries. History of Zatoka gets in the old days, the campaigns of Prince Oleg to Tsargrad (now Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy). Here are more than 180 medical and health institutions, sanatoriums, bases of rest, boarding houses.
Zatoka is a climatic resort with beautiful beaches. Due to the remoteness of the resort from the large industrial cities of the sea water is clean. The bottom of the sea, gently sloping beach of fine sand. The resort is located 60 km from the eternally young Odessa and 25 km from the ancient Ackerman, who was 2500 years.
Pensions, recreation facilities different levels of service and comfort, leisure on any taste and demand, discos for adults and children, cafes, restaurants, abundance of fruits at amazingly competitive prices, excellent water from artesian springs, excellent climatic conditions for recreation will make your vacation truly memorable. In Zatoka provided for riding on boats, ships, parachutes, water slides, jet skis, catamarans. Offers night clubs, and billiard halls, the halls of computer games, tennis tables, children's rides, restaurants, located right on the beach.
The abundance of vegetables, fruits, herbs, fish gives you the opportunity to diversify the food, to satisfy the individual needs of tourists, and to fully replenish Your body's vitamin a reserves, are available in abundance on five markets of the resort.

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