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Matrona Of Moscow

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Matrona Of Moscow

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Holy blessed Matrona of Moscow is one of the most famous and revered Orthodox saints.
Having from birth a gift of miracles, she even before his death became known as molitvennitsa and the ascetic to the glory of God. Her whole life was an example of great spiritual feat of love, patience, selflessness, and compassion.

During the life of Matrona at her house were always pilgrims. People came for help to the mother for tens of kilometers with their illnesses, anxieties and sorrows. And Matrona helped, healed, instructed.

Blessed Matrona did not require a lot from people, but always claimed to believe in God. Also learned not to despair and to try to fix my life from the sins and vices with the help of God.

The flow of pilgrims to venerate her Holy relics, not dried up today early in the morning until late at night to Abelmanovskaya Outpost, where is the Pokrovsky Stavropigialny women's monastery, there are people with flowers. Most often it is white roses and chrysanthemum – their Mother loved more than all and did not like artificial flowers. To the Matrona – so affectionately call her the people – come families, are women, men.

Contemporaries remember her as being very bright, affectionate, with a quiet voice. Never complained, accepting all that befell her, as given from God.

Blessed had predicted: "After my death my grave will be enough to walk people, only close, and when they die, zapusteyut my grave, except occasionally someone would come. But after many years people will learn about me and crowds will come for help in their troubles and requests to pray for them to God, and I will help and all will hear." Before death she said, "All, all come to me and tell me how alive, of your sorrows, I will see you, and to hear and help you."

And my mother said that all who entrust themselves and the life of its petition to the Lord will be saved. "All who turn to me for help, I will meet at their death, everyone".

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