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Montreux (FR. Montreux) is a city in the West of Switzerland, in the Canton of Vaud In. A resort town on the so-called Swiss Riviera with many hotels. Famous for its jazz festival, held since 1967 and takes place every year in early July.

Montreux located on the shores of lake Geneva, between Lausanne and Villeneuve, in the centre of the traditional wine region. The climate is mild, due to the close proximity of lake Geneva on one side and the Alps on the other.

Montreux was a small village of fishermen and winemakers. Since the nineteenth century, Montreux is one of the first Spa towns of Europe. The aristocracy of many European countries came to Montreux for the passage popular at the time of treatment, called "grape". In 1897 and directed by Georges Méliès founded in Montreux Studio "Old film" and began active film production.

In 1904 in Montreux opened luxury hotel "Montreux Palace", which still remains one of the most popular hotels of the Swiss Riviera.

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