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Nabq protected area

Egypt  Egypt

Nabq protected area

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Nabq protected area – the heritage of Egypt

The nature of Egypt is unique in itself and in its different parts very different from each other. National Park of Nabq in Sharm El-Sheikh, status as a protected area was rated in the last century. There are more than 130 species of plants, among which is the mangrove tree. About the national Park of Nabq with admiration you will tell all your friend, who spent a vacation in these places. After vacation in Sharm El-Sheikh includes in its programme. The nature of this amazing and truly a Paradise impossible to confuse with anything else. For many, the first being in the national Park of Nabq, will be surprised at the variety and abundance of plants. After all, for most tourists who just want to relax in Egypt, the country seems like a big desert strewn with pyramids only.

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