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Nizhneimeretinskaya Bay resort on the Black sea. Located in the Imereti valley between the rivers Psou and Mzymta. This place gained its popularity thanks to the winter Olympic games. Nizhneimeretinskaya the Bay was created from scratch, there is Olympic Park, Russian Disneyland aka theme Park “Sochi-Park”, tracks of formula 1. Nizhneimeretinskaya Bay was founded 1911 by believers and used to be called Marlinsky. During the Grand building of the Olympic objects were found the remains of Christian Byzantine Church. Today the remains of the temple fully explored, and have the status of a Museum under the open sky. Now nizhneimeretinskaya Bay completely built-up sports facilities, Olympic venues, and various hotels. Infrastructure of the resort presents a modern international hotel brands such as: Azimut, ACCOR and Radisson. Convenient road interchange, broad multi lane road, all this gives the resort great opportunities for holding various business events of any scale. All objects situated on nizhneimertinskaya Bay located as close to the sea, the most distant object is at a distance of 300 m from the Black sea embankment. The new promenade passes by the Olympic village, the Olympic Park, hotels and almost reaches the border with Abkhazia. On nizhneimeretinskoy promenade as there are walking areas with benches, viewing platforms, bike paths. Even in the evening hours nizhneimeretinskaya Bay is well lit along the entire waterfront are over 500 lights, cast them on one of the oldest factories in Chelyabinsk, the weight of one lamp is more than 200 kg.

Nizhneimeretinsky beaches are considered among the best on the coast of the Black sea. The beach consists of large pebbles, so for convenience it is better to wear rubber shoes. Beach has some seaweed, so the bottom is easily visible, the water is very clean. Nearby are various tourist base, the village is full of mini-hotels, secluded common hotels, there are also canteens, cafes and fast food and restaurants. For children there are special theme parks, souvenir shops, the streets there are all sorts of markets with fresh vegetables and fruit.

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