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Margarita Island

Venezuela  Venezuela

Margarita Island

Place description

Margarita is the largest island of Venezuela. Located in the Caribbean sea, in the North-Eastern part of the country. Together with the Islands of coche and Cubagua forms an archipelago that forms the only island in Venezuela, the province of Nueva-Esparta.

The island consists of two mountain masses, connected by a narrow isthmus of sand and mangrove trees with a length of about 18 km.
The Western part of Margarita — desert sparsely populated area rich in cacti, deserted beaches, exotic birds and small animals.

In the Eastern part of the island is located the biggest cities: Porlamar, Barinas, Juan Griego, Santa Ana, and also the capital of the island, La Asuncion.

Margarita island is the largest of the Islands of the Caribbean sea belonging to the Republic of Venezuela — 1071 km2, the island consists of two mountain masses, connected by a narrow sand spit with a length of about 18 km of the island Coordinates: 10° 52' North latitude and 11° 11' 63° 47' and 64° 24' 0. The island separated from the mainland by a Strait with a width of 22 km Length of the island — 69,2 kilometers, maximum width of 34.6 km. the island's Climate is dry tropical with temperatures between 24 and 37 °C.

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