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Pamukkale (Tur. Pamukkale, in the translation "cotton castle") is a natural site in Denizli province in southwest Turkey. It includes 17 geothermal springs with water temperature from 35 to 100 °C and ponds-terraces formed of travertine.

Water flowing down the slopes of the mountain forms a system of reservoirs with quaint limestone walls (travertine). Dazzling white terraces (travertine formation) appeared on the hillside in the result of salt deposits from saturated with calcium sources. These seats are used as a resort area since ancient times[citation 1461 day]. In 1988, Pamukkale and ruins of Hierapolis a UNESCO world heritage site[1].

The entrance to the mountain pay. The mountain is open for tourists round the clock. Since October 2007, the area of Pamukkale has been closed for some time to recover, however in may 2009 it is already open to tourists.

With the exception of a dedicated tourist zone, namely the lift from the lower entrance to the upper part of the plateau, to walk on the travertines is impossible, as they are very fragile. To walk on the travertines barefoot only, the observance of this rule, the following special guards. Swimming is forbidden, but many tourists, despite the ban, immersed in the natural beauty, depth not exceeding 1 meter. Swimming open pool of Cleopatra in the nearby ruined city of Hierapolis (for may 2015 — 32 TL or $ 13) was built in ancient times hot springs, in taste and in appearance resembling the Seltzer.

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