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A colorful mix of cultures

Mexico  Mexico

A colorful mix of cultures

Place description

Mexico — a motley mixture of Spanish, Indian and Caribbean cultures. Relax on the best beaches of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, ancient monuments of mysterious civilizations and diving on the island of Cozumel, tequila, great food and catchy disco — all about Mexico: tours, rates, hotels.

Exactly when the first people arrived on the territory of modern Mexico, nobody knows. We can only say that the age of some artifacts found here exceeds 250 thousand years. It Mexico was home to some of the most famous civilizations in history of mankind – the Aztecs and Mayans. These tribes had left behind outstanding monuments of architecture, culture, great achievements in medicine, astronomy, mathematics.
What associations arise in the mind when the word "Mexico"? A collective image of the Ramirez in a sombrero and pistols in his belt, browbeating all surrounding villages? Or are these the most, in the desert, yellow sand village? Tanookie Mexican or tacos and buritos? The list can be very long, but it's all stereotypes. First of all, Mexico is incredibly beautiful and interesting country, whose territory is concentrated plenty of attractions both historical and natural.
Imagine: you're standing in the rain more often and the cries of colorful parrots are considering the Mayan hieroglyphs on the walls of temples of Palenque. Or merged into one with a surfboard rowing in the direction of the surf down on the coast of the powerful turquoise waves, and behind you, stretch bright white beaches. Dive or scuba in an underwater cave surrounded by fish, as if painted in bright gouache. Or until dawn or until you drop dance to the best in the world discos Acapulco! And in between — try to try at least part of the three hundred local varieties of tequila — and without any foppish lime and salt, and how harsh the Mexican peasants, with tomato juice, generously seasoned with Chile.

Mexico City Sights

• Teotihuacan – the cult center of the ancient Indians, striking grandeur of such structures as the pyramids of the Sun and moon, the Avenue of the dead temple of Quetzalcoatl and the Palace of Quetzalpapalotl
• Basilica of the virgin of Guadalupe is the Central place of worship of the Patroness of Mexico city, where according to legend the mother of God showed here his appearance to a poor Indian, Juan Diego, and then a temple was constructed. Here is kept the original shroud the face of the virgin of Guadalupe
• Xochimilco. Loved by tourists all over the world district of Mexico city, known because of the ancient channels of the Aztecs. Here, visitors can ride the gondola, listen to traditional Mexican music performed by Mariachi ensembles
• Anthropological Museum. This is the most famous Museum in Mexico, which holds treasures of ancient civilizations, including the famous Sun stone – the Aztec calendar.
The Yucatan Peninsula - It is on the Yucatan originated the Mayan civilization and still live here their direct descendants. You can visit all the major archaeological zones of the Peninsula: Chichen Itza, Coba, Tulum, Uxmal, Ek Balam, as well as parks and natural reserves: Xcaret, Shel-Ha, Selvatica, Rio Secreto Rio Lagartos.

New year in Mexican

The locals love and know how to have fun. Many travelers buy tours to Mexico for the New Year to celebrate it with this scale. At this time, in the country fairs, competitions, firework shows, dances, songs and hearty feasts. And, of course, a celebration of traditional Mexican cuisine famous all over the world!

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