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Place description

The petřín hill (Petřín) is a hill worthy of the attention of every tourist. Located on the left Bank of the Vltava river, the highest point reaches 327 meters.

Hill was known for a long time, because this is where the pagans worshipped a God of thunder— Perun. With the construction of Hungry wall under Charles IV, hill has gained strategic importance for the city.

On top of the hill is an observation tower, which visually resembles the Eiffel tower in Paris. Also here you can visit the Cathedral of St Lawrence, mirror maze and Petřín gardens.

Hill relates the legend that it was here that Princess Libuse predicted the emergence of the Czech capital, Prague. It's interesting and the fact that Petrin hill mentioned in his work "poem of the mountain" of the legendary Russian poet, prose writer, poet and translator of the twentieth century, Marina Tsvetaeva.

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