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The Pyramids Of Giza

Egypt  Egypt

The Pyramids Of Giza

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The pyramids of Giza complex of ancient monuments on the Giza plateau in Cairo, the modern capital of Egypt. Located at a distance of about 8 km in the direction to the center of the Libyan desert from the old town of Giza on the Nile, about 25 km South-West from the centre of Cairo. It is considered that the buildings were created in the Ancient Kingdom of Ancient Egypt during the reign of the IV to VI dynasties (XXVI—XXIII centuries BC).

This ancient Egyptian necropolis consists of the Pyramid of Khufu (known as the Great pyramid and pyramid of Cheops), the somewhat smaller pyramid Harry less than two hundred metres to the South-West and the relatively modest-sized Pyramid of menkaure a few hundred meters further South-West, as well as a number of smaller pyramids-satellites, known as the pyramids of the Queens and pyramid valley.

The surface of the pyramids were covered with polished slabs of white limestone. After the fall of ancient Egyptian civilization, the limestone was pilfered by the locals for their own needs.

The great Sphinx is located on the East side of the complex facing East. Many scientists continue to believe that the Sphinx is a portrait likeness of Hafroy.

The monolith used in the mortuary temple of menkaure — his weight is estimated at over 200 tons is the heaviest on the Giza plateau. Colossal statue of a seated king from the Central chapel of the temple of menkaure is one of the biggest in the era of the old Kingdom

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