Places Dominican Republic

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Place description

If somewhere in the world and there are beaches in the style of "bounty", who never cleaned small rake, not sprinkle the top with flour, not rubbed with oil the leaves of palm trees and not curled in the photoshop color place this is Punta Cana. Of course, beauty in a bikini will not always be lying at the hammock, sipping through a straw the ice cocktail. But everything else looks exactly like TV screens or colorful advertising brochures.

No wonder that this small town with a long coastline, almost entirely built low-rise five-star hotels, is so popular with tourists. As a bonus — three national parks nearby, mangroves, reptiles, tropical birds, all kinds of underwater animals and perhaps the best fish restaurants in the country. A contingent of local tourists — very often family-tourists and fans of peaceful holiday in the lap of nature.

Tours to Dominican Republic

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