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The easternmost and most populous land in Germany has the status of a "free state". Saxony occupies an area only 18 of 415 sq km. it is noteworthy That the Saxons here have never lived, the tribes lived on the territory of present-day Lower Saxony. The local population prefers to be called macenzie, or maidencane. It margraviate of Meissen became the "cradle" where it originated from Saxony. In the distant past the land was called the "mark meißen" or "Upper Saxony".

The title of "free state" Saxony in the entire history received twice, in 1918 and 1990. It is not surprising that the residents of the independent territorial entities have a particular temperament, and one dialect on this earth does not exist.
The three largest settlements of Saxony — Leipzig, or Chemnitz, Leipzig and Dresden — as one of the "free cities". Saxon Switzerland, Gothic architecture, Baroque architecture, Meissen porcelain, the lace Museum in Plauen, the locks on the Elbe — this is only a small part of the treasures which are concealed in the free state. One of the most developed economic regions has produced many eminent personalities. Among them Robert Schumann, Richard Strauss, August Bebel, Wilhelm Liebknecht and others.

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