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Sardinia (ital. Sardegna [sarˈdeɲɲa], Sard. Sardigna [sar'dinja]) is an island in the Mediterranean sea, located to the West of the Apennine Peninsula between Sicily and Corsica, is the second largest island in the Mediterranean sea. Is part of Italy as the Autonomous region of Sardinia (ital. Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, Sarde. Regione Autònoma de Sardigna sa).

Patriarchal Sardinia was not spoiled by attention of tourists until the end of the XX century when began intensive development of holiday homes on the island's North coast, called Costa Smeralda. Now it is one of the most fashionable resort areas in the world with numerous millionaires ' villas and yacht moorings.

Sardinia primarily attractive to tourists with its fabulous beauty and is the cleanest and most transparent in Italy by sea. 1850 kilometers of beaches - a quarter of all Italian beaches. There still remained completely untouched by civilization corners of Paradise with Golden beaches and secluded rocky coves, and beaches are considered the largest and cleanest in Europe. Sardinia - the crossroads of ancient civilizations, traces of which can be found today: the cemeteries of the Phoenicians, amphitheaters and baths of the Romans, towers and fortresses pisans and Genoese, over 3000 castles, situated on the coasts of Sardinia, Romanesque churches, Gothic and Baroque cathedrals. Amazing Nuraghe is a historic feature of this magnificent island. These fortresses and watchtowers, built of giant stones in the form of truncated cones, are here for more than 25 centuries. The island of Sant'antioco (Sant'antioco) in the Gulf of Palmas is known as one of the first settlements of the Phoenicians, and one of the most picturesque places of the region. In the East of Sardinia is the town of Orgosolo (Orgosolo), the houses of which are painted pictures representing the reality of life of the people of Sardinia, as well as the global problems of society. This so-called Museum of modern art under the open sky. These works are called "murales", only in the city of Orgosolo them have more than 300 units.

The Costa Smeralda (emerald coast) - the most prestigious resort in Europe. It's kind of open coastal "Kingdom" of breathtaking beauty with spectacular granite cliffs, emerald lagoons, a scattering of Islands, sand beaches and stretching over the coastal hills tropical parkland, with cosy cottages and Inns. In Iglesias (Iglesias) is worth seeing the Byzantine Church of San Salvatore, fragments of city fortress, the Gothic Cathedral of Santa Chiara, as well as the mining Museum. In the town of Sanluri (Sanluri) survived only in Sardinia medieval fortress and several ancient temples. The ancient Roman port of Olbia (Olbia) is famous for its many kilometers of beaches of the seaside resort of Costa Smeralda (Costa Smeralda). In the mountainous areas around the city — a huge number of archaeological and historical monuments, including numerous Nuraghi and "giants graves" near Arzachena.

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