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Szentendre (Hun. Szentendre) is a city in Central Hungary, in the counties of pest, 20 km from the North-West of Budapest. The city was founded in the XVII century Serbs fleeing the unrest in their country caused by the Turkish invasion. Now Szentendre is known as the city of artists with many galleries and workshops.

Szentendre was founded in the XI century under the Latin name Sanctus Andreas, although in the first century on this place there was a military camp of the ancient Romans and the fortress Ulsize-Castres. In the late XIV century in Szentendre were the Serbs and the Greeks fleeing from the Turks. Among the refugees were many merchants and artisans that contributed to the prosperity of the town, which, however, prevented the plague and floods. New flowering Szentendre has provided artists, opened a idyllic place in the 1900-ies. Currently, most of the artists who lived in Szentendre, moved their workshops in Budapest, Szentendre, however, remains famous for numerous art galleries and museums and has become a popular tourist destination.

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